DeLaval Parlour Hygiene

DeLaval Ultra, cidmax, super, basix, hypo, foam cleaner, opticid, peradis

DeLaval Ultrs


Ultra is a chlorinated and phosphate liquid alkaline detergent developed  for use in hard water conditions. Dosage between 50 and 100 mls per  10 litres of water.

DeLaval Cidmax


Cidmax is a highly concentrated acid descaler for milking installations  and cooling tanks. Cidmax is effective in all water conditions. Ideal  for use in alkaline dominant cleaning routines. Recommended dosage is  between 50 and 80 mls per 10 litres of water

DeLaval Super


Super is a phosphate-free chlorinated alkaline detergent performing in  soft to medium-hard water conditions. In an alternating cleaning  routine, Super can be used in water hardness up to 30 dH. Dosage between  50 and 80 mls per 10 litres of water.

DeLaval Opticid


Opticid is a basic liquid, acid detergent. It easily dissolves milk stone, limestone and minerals in milking installations. It can be used for both alkaline dominant and alternating cleaning routines.

DeLaval Basix


Basix is a phosphate-free chlorinated alkaline detergent providing high performance in soft water conditions. When used in medium-hard water conditions, an alternate cleaning routine should be followed. Basix is dosed between 50 and 80 mls per 10 litres of water.

DeLaval Peradis


Disinfecting liners and clusters with DeLaval PeraDis can provide proven protection against mastitis pathogen transfer during milking – and the resulting veterinarian cost. Safe and easy to apply, PeraDis is a 5% peracetic acid-based product available in 20 litre containers.

DeLaval Foam cleaner

DeLaval Foam Cleaner

This product is designed for regular cleaning of heavily soiled areas in open-plants and when applied through a foam lance, it creates a long-lasting foam on the surface. This provides optimal interaction between the soil and the product, without harming the equipment.

DeLaval parlour cleaner

DeLaval Parlour Cleaner

This strongly foaming acid descaler is designed for use in open-plant clening on farms and should be applied with a foaming lance. It is recommended for periodic removal of milk stone and hard water scale from external surfaces in the milking parlour and mlk room.