DeLaval Udder Hygiene

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DeLaval Proactiveâ„¢

DeLaval Proactive™ Teat Dip
This innovative iodine-based teat dip quickly kills a broad spectrum of mastitis-causing organisms. The DeLaval patented technologies I-tech (Free Iodine Technology) and ACT (Advanced Conditioning Technology) help guarantee a high, constant bacteria killing effect while also protecting and caring for teat skin.

DeLaval Blockade

This ready-to-use, film-forming iodine teat dip makes use of I-tech  (Free Iodine Technology) and ACT (Advanced Conditioning Technology). It  optimally disinfects the teats and smooths the skin. Blockade™ creates a  fine elastic barrier that helps protect against environmental bacteria  in mud or slurry entering the teat canal, especially after milking.  Blockade™ is applied to the teat by dipping after each milking.

DeLaval Hamra blue

Hamra Blue™
Hamra Blue™ is a ready-to-use teat formulation designed for undiluted  application after milking, in spray or dip form. Emollients such as  glycerine are added to soften the teat skin and avoid cracks or sores  appearing on it. This easy to use solution contains chlorhexidine  digluconate to help ensure efficient disinfection The blue color makes  it easy to visualize the treated teats.

DeLaval bovidip


Bovidip™ is a iodine based teat dip or spray solution available as a concentrated or ready to use solution. Bovidip combines very good skin conditioning with efficient germ killing strength due to the high level of available iodine. It is suitable for both spraying and dipping.

DeLaval quartermate


Quartermate™  uses advanced free iodine technology as a pre-milking teat dip as an aid in the control of mastitis. Quartermate provides the germicidal effectiveness and the fast action needed in a pre-dip, sanatising teats before cluster attachment whilst being kind to skin.

DeLaval Iobac

Iobac Pre/Post
Iobac pre/post is a basic iodine based ready to use or concentrate, value for money teat disinfectant. Iobac pre/post is formulated with pH close to teat skin, can be dipped or sprayed on the teats before ans after milking and is approv ed under biocidal legislation.

DeLaval wetcel 600

Wetcel™ is a strong, pre-wetted hygiene paper that is 100 per cent  biodegradable. The solution has Quaternary ammonium  components. Ready-to-use, it cleans teats and hands easily while helping  to prevent the spread of bacteria that causes mastitis.

DeLaval Biofoam

Biofoam™ combines Cleaning Improvement Technology (CIT) with a patented  foaming solution of natural compounds, to optimally clean teats. This  pre-milking hygiene treatment is specifically developed to give you high  milk quality and animal health without compromise. Biofoam™ keeps your  cow’s teats soft, healthy and hygienic.